Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed In...Again.

We were greeted yesterday with the beginnings of Nor'Easter Number 3 for New Jersey last night. So I spent today snowed in. Seems like I just did this on Saturday...oh wait, I did! This weather is unbelievable. For lack of something better to blame (I don't want to blame it on El Nino), I'm blaming this on Little Bean. We haven't had a winter this bad in the region in...I don't know...EVER! So of course, it would be the year I was pregnant that it would snow this much. 

So what did I do while being snowed in? I made vegetable soup this morning in the crock pot for lunch and dinner. It's the perfect weather for soup, you know? The soup was very yummy and super cheap and easy. Good meal on a snowy, wintry, cold day. 

Oh, did I mention this storm was a blizzard? Yep, a blizzard. I looked out so many times and the snow was blowing sideways. It's just crazy! All this snow...school canceled today and canceled again tomorrow. You know what that means? That's right...I'm going to be waddling into school at the end of June at nearly 8 months pregnant just to make up these snow days. Not that I mind the days off, Hubby and I got a lot done today. 

We decided that to accommodate Little Bean, we need to rearrange the living room furniture. So we started the long process of cleaning our clutter and tossing the junk. Hubby did a lot more than me, but that's because there's only so much I can do. But I have this big plan on the new layout, we just need to get more cluttered cleared out first. Once the living room is done, we can work on the nursery. We need to declutter and get rid of all the furniture in there. So having an extra day off tomorrow means we can get more cleaning done. 

Oh, and it's 8:00 and it's still snowing outside...story of my pregnancy so far...

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  1. Your veggie soup sounds so yummy!! I made some last week and it was exactly what I wanted....and good for baby too!! :)

    That's great that you're getting the time to start "nesting" and preparing for your baby's arrival!! We have started the same thing around our house. It's so much more fun than just an average spring cleaning. Love the anticipation...its so FUN isn't it?!?!

    Anticipating is fun, but I totally hear you on the LONG drawn out wait between appointments. It feels like forever!!! I think we'll find out our baby's genders the same week. I go in at 19 weeks and you are one week ahead of me. YAY!! And you're right...I'm already counting the days....36 to go!! :)

    Stay cozy and warm and enjoy your day off tomorrow!