Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowed In

It appears that South Jersey is again swamped with massive amounts of snow. This is the second major snow storm since finding out I was pregnant. Not to mention all the smaller snows we had...I guess Little Bean is a snow baby! With this storm, we're looking at 2 feet of snow again. And then, it's supposed to snow again on Tuesday night into Wednesday. Thank goodness we're not looking at another 2 feet then, just 3/4 of a foot. This is so unlike NJ to have this much snow in one season. I do think I may go outside in a bit and take some pictures. Not to worry, though, DH will walk with me and make sure my precious cargo stays safe. He always protects Little Bean.

I had my check up with Dr. H yesterday. Everything seems good. Little Bean's heartbeat was 160bpm. He found it right away with the doppler. It was a strange appointment as it is the only one I've ever had at an OBGYN where I didn't undress and my feet were not in stirrups. It was a nice change! All my bloodwork came back good, which I knew it would. They haven't mentioned the glucose test yet, so I guess that'll come when it needs to. I never had issues with my glucose levels before, but being pregnant can change everything! On another positive note, my blood pressure was great. Since I struggle with high blood pressure (for unexplained reasons other than PCOS), it's something I watch closely. It was starting to become more elevated during the first trimester but Dr. H didn't want to increase my medication. Good thing, since my last two appointments have shown excellent readings. 

That's about it for me. Oh, I wanted to post two pictures of my growing belly. One is a full length shot and the other is a close up on my little bump. Enjoy!



  1. Good to hear you're doing so well! Love the baby bump!!

    I'm in northeastern NC and we rarely get snow but last weekend we got 5" and it's snowing again now -- it's crazy!!

    Where in Jersey are you? My husband surveyed the beaches up in Brigantine and I spend a lot of time in Cape May as I've had several family members attend boot camp there and now my cousin is stationed on a boat there. I was there recently picking him up for the holidays ... love that ferry ride!

  2. Cripes, that is a lot of snow - we are having a heat wave here is Eastern Australia - goodness, I would love some cool weather right about now.

    Your bump is SOOOO cute!

  3. You look Beautiful. Stay safe in all that snow!

  4. It's snowing here too (MN), but not quite as much. Congrats on your wee one--gives me hope!


  5. So exciting! Love your bump - it's just perfect and you look absolutely radiant!

  6. I found your blog from the Feb. IComLeavWe list. We are very close in our pregnancies!! (I am 14 weeks tomorrow!)

    Your baby bump is so sweet!! I look forward to following your pregnancy!! :)

    Congratulations!! XX