Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Unfairness in the Game of Life

I know I usually post blogs about me and my journey. But I was thinking a lot today about all the babies who are aborted every day because women go out and make decisions that have consequences they weren't ready for. And then there are kids who are born to mothers who aren't married, have multiple kids that they really didn't want, and they aren't given the love or affection they need. It breaks my heart. But life is unfair like that.

I think that's why there are days when this journey seems much harder than anything else in life. I look at all these kids I'm surrounded with on a daily basis and some of them, my heart aches for them. I look at all the teenagers getting pregnant right now and it makes me sad because two lives are affected-their own, as they lose the rest of their childhood, and the child's life, as they are raised by a child. 

Then, there is what seems to be the minority anymore-a woman who wanted her children (regardless of whether she is married or not) and loves them with all her heart. Most people seem to put other priorities in front of their children. I, as a teacher, thank God every day for the moms who put their children first as a priority in life. 

Okay, I just had to clear that out of my head. It's been getting to me lately. All of us infertiles go through so much to start a family. And it just seems unfair that all these women who run around with reckless abandon just end up with babies they don't want. I know my day is coming, all of us will get the opportunity one way or another to be the mom who is in the minority, the one who puts a child's needs first. But I'm getting impatient these days waiting....


  1. I agree that the wait is hard. And some days it really gets me down. However, I try to realize that this wait will make our future children that much more loved, rejoiced, and appreciated. Not that we wouldn't do that anyway.....:-).

    But, even with that thought...the wait is hard.

  2. This bothers me too, more some days than others. What helps me is to say that I/We WILL be a mother someday...however it is meant to happen (and even if I have to steal a baby)! JK ;-P

    Wishing you luck on your journey.

  3. Well said. Perfectly stated. My sentiments exactly.

  4. The waiting is the hardest part, but we have to believe our time will come (hopefully sooner rather than later!)

  5. I'm doing ICWL too. I don't think you can really compare an aborted baby to someone who is hoping to get pregnant. I'm in a unique spot as I was almost an aborted baby and as an adult woman I am very unlikely to have a child now, though I would have liked to. I'm divorced, almost 45 and I do not want to be a single Mom, especially at this age. I've seen children aching to have a Father (even a stand in Father) I would not like to intentionally take that away from a kid. So, I will be sad not having kids but I can do good things with my life while I'm here.

  6. Those cases break my heart. I'm so glad some of those kids at least have a caring teacher like you.

    BTW, I love that picture (the head shot) of you and your husband. It is a great pic.

  7. I know exactly how you feel! I work as a RN in OB, and I see the women you're talking about day in and day out. It's tough. I pray that tomorrow will give you something BIG to be thankful for. But, if not, I pray that you're able to think of things for which you ARE thankful, despite the bad lot it seems you've been dealt.

    Happy ICLW!