Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sigh of Relief

I had my appointment for baselines today. I didn't know that I should have gone in on CD 2 because my FSH is higher than normal. They didn't tell me that last cycle when they realized that my FSH was higher than normal. Anyway, I went in for my u/s and I already have follicles that are measurable. In my mind, this isn't normal. So I panicked right away thinking that I had more than one cyst. But I was assured by the RE who did the u/s that everything looked normal and quite good in her opinion. So everything hinged on my bloodwork, which was very ugly last cycle. 

I was on my way home from the RE's office and I just had this sinking feeling that I would be in a forced month off of TTC again. I told Hubby that I was a hot mess and really, it was for no apparent reason. I didn't know what the bloodwork would show, I just was sick to my stomach about it. So I came home and cried. I was just so negative about it.

The RE's office called and I know their number by heart, so I knew it was them. I got nervous until the nurse who called informed me that everything is GREAT!! So I start Menpur and Follistim tonight. Things are so good that I am only doing 75iu Follistim and 1 vial of Menopur to start. Last cycle, it was a different story. So I'm so relieved. 

I know I have been bathed in prayer and I am thankful for the prayer warriors who know how important this journey is for me. Prayer is such a powerful thing. I'm excited to see where this next step on the journey takes me.


  1. That is awesome!! I am also starting the Menopur tonight! Hopefully this is our cycle :) I completely agree - prayer IS really powerful! I will keep you in mine!