Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand

Sunday, January 31, 2010

13 Week 4 Day Quiz/Update

Hi, everyone! As everything is progressing along nicely, I wanted to do another Quiz/Update. I think they're fun!

How far along: 13 weeks 4 days

Symptoms: Nausea (only at night, usually after dinner and not too much of it), my energy has returned for the next few months, bloated still, a bit gassy at times, a growing belly

Total weight gain: 6lbs at last weigh in at the doctor, I guess that's not too bad. But I see the OB again Friday, so we'll see if I gained more.

Maternity clothes: Mostly tops. I do have three pairs of pants. I need to hem two of them because they are way too long. I am learning to make friends with the Be.Band. It's not the most comfortable, but it works to keep me from hemming those maternity pants yet. I'm procrastinating, but another week or so and I won't have a choice.
Stretch marks: Only on my chest, as it has they have definitely grown already. But none on the tummy yet. I'm using tons of Palmer's Cocoa Butter.

Sleep: I sleep like a baby most of the time, until I have to pee. I find myself doing that once or twice in the middle of the night. It's sort of gotten better in the past week. They say it does during the second trimester. I'm hoping it stays that way for at least a month or two.
Best moment last week: Entering the second trimester! Woo Hoo!!

Movement: The fluttering has started. It's the strangest thing...sort of like gas but not quite the same.

Food cravings: Oddly, none really. My sweet tooth has returned, though not in full force. Just every now and again, I want something sour and sweet. But otherwise, I've got no specific cravings these days. I'm sure that will change soon.

Belly Button in or out: In, of course!

What I miss: Lunch meat, hot dogs, sausage and peppers...

What I am looking forward to: My next appointment with Dr. H on Friday
Milestones: Having my first abdominal u/s done last week (to check on the baby after the weekend spotting scare) and seeing Little Bean wave at me.
How is daddy? He is wonderful. He's dealing with the pregnancy hormones. He's got the pseudo symptoms, too. So it's super cute. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful husband/father of our child-to-be. He rubs my belly and talks to Little Bean. It's cute.

How are the grandparents? They are excited as can be.


  1. oh my, how YAY that you can do these quizzes, hope to join you soon! almost 14 weeks!

    P.S. Thanks for the very kind words you left on my blog - i really appreciate it, its so hard not to give up hope xxx

  2. Hey, I've nominated you for an award on my blog, check it out!