Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hoping for a BFP

So I left my RE's office today feeling a bit relieved and yet nervous. On a positive note, they weighed me and I haven't really gained any weight on Clomid. And since I've been on it for 8 cycles, that's a good thing. But my blood pressure was high today. I struggle as it is with high blood pressure and take medication to keep it regulated. But it was high, surely because of nerves. I get very anxious when I have to go to see any doctor. 

Anyway, we discussed the Clomid and having 3 follicles this past cycle. Apparently, my progesterone has been super each cycle with the exception of one cycle where it was still high, but not what they wanted, so they had to increase my Clomid. So the Clomid with Ovidrel has been working for me. But after 8 months, it's time to move on. I think he is going to try to order the Follistim pen. If I have to do the daily injectables, that would start next week. I'm still waiting to see what this weekend brings. The RE's office is going to order the Follistim (or whatever my insurance will cover, but I'm sure they'll cover the Follistim) today. Even though I won't know until this weekend about being pregnant or not, I'd rather have my medicine just in case. They have a donation program at the RE's office for unused fertility injectables. They use those for people who have no insurance coverage for them. So I can always donate them if I don't need them. We'll see...not holding my breath, though.

I'm hoping so much for a BFP. If I can avoid daily injectables, I would love to. He did say that the percentage of conceiving will go up if I move to injectables. But the percentage of twins and triplets also increases. Ugh...fingers crossed for no AF this weekend. Take a vacation, AF, and come back next year.

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