Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Home in Less Than a Week!

Well, five more days will pass and then, we will be moving out of this apartment. I am excited to be moving into a new home, a bigger home. It will be nice to provide play space for Isabella, a place where she can grow up having room to run around, cause chaos, and enjoy every minute of it. Packing is going as well as it can with having Isabella to help. She was sick all of last week and even now, she just wants to be held while one of us is packing. So instead of four hands getting the work done, only two hands are packing and the other two hands are loving Isabella. But it's exciting. You dream about having a new home for so long and you eventually decide it may just never happen. But God provided this opportunity for us and I'm so thrilled about it. 

At the same time as I am excited, I am also very sad. This is the home Hubby and I moved into a year after we got married. It's where we established ourselves, grew our marriage, added to the family with our precious dog. It's where we prayed many nights about starting a family and where we felt God answering our prayers with a "Yes" for starting to try for a family. It's the home that saw many tears and hugs in all the failed months before even starting fertility medications. It's the home that saw 11 long months of fertility medications. It's the house that saw the positive pregnancy test on Thanksgiving morning. It's the home I relied on in the heat of summer when  I was bursting with pregnancy, waiting on Isabella's arrival. It's the home that Isabella came to first when we left the hospital. It's where she's spent the past seven and a half months of growing, changing, developing, and blessing our lives. There are so many memories in this small space. If walls could talk or write, they could write a long novel of all the experiences this house has seen. This house is where our friend J. (who died March 18, 2010) proposed to my very dear friend A. when he was house sitting for us a few years ago. The memories this house holds are not just our own. I know I will cry the day we move. It's a bittersweet thing. You grow attached to the memories that are held within the walls of every room. 

Moving Day will be bittersweet, for sure. But it's an exciting time for us. Moving into a three bedroom townhouse will be nice. And, if my dream/nightmare of last week were to come true, even that space would be too small. I had a dream that I was pregnant with 8, YES-I SAID 8- babies. In  my dream, I found out I was pregnant, had an ultrasound to confirm that there were 8 babies, and went into labor all in one week. The paramedics did a c-section at home (we already lived in the townhouse) and all 8 babies weighed 7-8 pounds EACH. Yes, it was more of a nightmare. We didn't move. We housed them all in the townhouse, which gave us 9 babies to be responsible for. Good thing it was just a dream, I think I would cry, scream, and need some serious help with that.

On that note, I'll leave you with a picture of what happens when packing gets a little out of control around here.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about moving being bittersweet... leaving a place filled with so many memories, but moving forward to a place that will be filled with so many more. P.S. Isabella is such a cutie patootie!!