Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moving Day

Well, moving day has come and gone and we are now settling into our new home. It's a beautiful townhouse and I'm so excited for all the adventures yet to be had here. Isabella adjusted well to the move, though we've been up in the middle of the night every night. But that was going on for a week or two before the move. I wonder if she's in a growth spurt or something. Who knows...We brought the dog home on Sunday. She's trying to adjust and tonight is the best night for her so far. She's very anxious about it and I think she's secretly afraid that we are leaving her. She recognizes the furniture and can smell herself on it, but she's still very insecure.

As we were moving, I realized that I never donated or discarded my old fertility medicines. So now, I have a kitchen pantry full on injectable medicine that I will not be using for quite a while! At this point, we probably will wait until fall 2012 to TTC again, but we will see. It's probably the best decision. Then, we can enjoy a lot of time with Isabella and watch her grow and have firsts before the second one is even thought of. 

As far as the new house and the new neighborhood go, there are a lot of kids around. Most of them are older, but that doesn't mean there aren't any babies around. We just haven't seen any yet. I'm hoping there are some little ones around so that Isabella will have some friends to play with in a year, but we'll have to wait and see what happens!

I'll leave you with some pictures of the new townhouse now that we are moved in. 

 This is Closing Day-our first picture once we owned it.

Isabella is enjoying her new kitchen.

Lunch time!

Moving Day

family picture in front of the new house
The formal dining room
The cooking half of the kitchen

The front door, ready for visitors

Isabella's room (will be painted in a month)

Her nice set up, the only thing missing is her books.

 Our full finished basement
The living room is ready to go
 Isabella even has her Jumperoo ready!

 This is the rest of the kitchen.
More pictures to come in a future post...

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  1. love the new home pics! congrats!!! love izzy's room!!
    I'm with you on having left over fertility meds. i don't think i'll need mine either b/c if we can't get pregnant naturally we will have to do ivf again, and i don't need that kind. i'm prog going to donate mine too and help another hopeful mom out!