Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Only a Week to Go!

It's so hard to believe that there is only one week to go before I meet my sweet Isabella Joy. In anticipation of her arrival soon, Hubby write her a beautiful letter that I added to my other blog, Letters to My Unborn Daughter. I cried when I read it. It's beautiful. I wrote her another letter, too, as I wait so anxiously for this next week to pass. It is still so surreal that I am finally in the place where I am waiting for my child's arrival instead of waiting for an egg to grow or an egg to ovulate. It's been quite a journey getting here! But I have come to the realization that I am so thankful for every ounce of strife on that journey. All my tears? They were worth the joy of waiting for this child. All my fears? They were worth working through to get to this point. I'm thankful for the blessing of the long journey. It's through my journey that I can encourage others who are walking on a similar road. I had the same encouragement along my journey and I will never forget how powerful it is to have someone walk with you who has been in similar shoes. 

Hubby is anxiously awaiting the arrival of his little princess, too. He's more worried about me post baby's arrival, since we are scheduled for a c-section. Here's the latest on my wiggle worm. She is breech. My amniotic fluid levels are now within the normal range instead of being so high. Although that is GREAT news, it means she has less room to move around. That means she has less of a chance to get into a head-down position at this point. I'm okay with that. God has been good to me through the past month. I did another pre-eclampsia test (24-hour urine collection) and my results totally rocked! They were spectacular. I am still shocked by the great news. I had settled myself with the fact that I most likely had failed and would be having a c-section this week. But that was not God's plan for us. So next Wednesday, the 28th, Isabella will arrive into this world unless she has a time line nobody knows about and chooses to show up earlier. 

There's not much else going on. I'm still on bed rest, so there's no nesting going on. I'm a bit bummed about this, but Hubby has been doing all the nesting. He's been a great partner and best friend through all of this. He's my encouragement on the days where I feel so useless. He cleans, he cooks, he set up the nursery. Me? I sit on the couch or a lay down. That's all I'm allowed to do. It gets frustrating, as I feel like I am not tending to the needs of him through all of this. But he's always so encouraging and reminds me that it's because of strictly limiting my activities that Isabella has been doing so well and is staying in as long as possible. He reminds me that keeping the baby in the womb longer is far from useless. He's such a great husband. I am so blessed to have him. 

I'm going to go for now. I've got a case of the munchies, so I'm going to eat some grapes and maybe one of my cheapie freezer pops. 


  1. Okay, I'm crying at work over your husband's letter. What an amazing gift! I'm so happy that he's becoming a father, more little girls need strong and wonderful men like him (and the same goes for my dh!) in their lives. We have a couple of lucky little ladies!!

    You just keep those feet up and hang in there. I'll be watching closely and waiting for news!! Can't wait to see her and I cannot believe it's NEXT WEEEEEEEEKKKKK!!

  2. Aw what a sweet letter! Keep your feet up and get ready to meet your daughter!

    ICLW #26