Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby Furniture

Yesterday was a SUPER busy day. My Mother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law drove up (in the torrential rain) to deliver the baby furniture. The original plan was to store it in my parent's basement for now, since we really weren't ready for it here. We're still working on cleaning the baby's room. But somehow, there was a miscommunication and the furniture is here. So my MIL and SIL helped clear out the furniture that was in the way and loaded it into their van (since we were getting rid of those pieces anyway). As frustrated as I was about the miscommunication, I was so glad and thankful for their unceasing help. They stayed all afternoon and helped rearrange the living room to open up the space and of course, the baby furniture is here. The crib is not yet assembled because there really isn't room for it yet, we're still working on the future nursery.

So it was a really busy day. After all the furniture was rearranged and some of it was out in my MIL's van, we drove our giant computer stand to my aunt's house and assembled it there for her. With all the rain, there was flooding issues, so we had to be careful. It wasn't necessarily the best day to do all the furniture moving, but it's done. I am so thankful for the extra help, since when it comes to moving furniture, I feel useless these days. 

Now...if I only had the motivation to work on cleaning some more...

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