Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand

Saturday, March 27, 2010

21 Weeks 3 Days Update/Quiz

I know it's been a little while and I'm overdue for a post of any kind, but with J.'s funeral and picking up some hours at the store until Hubby gets there to run the store, it's been busy. But, without further delay, my latest update:

How far along: 21 weeks 3 day
Symptoms: Nausea (yes, I still have it), heartburn (it's getting worse, but I'm taking Zantac), the need to pee frequently, a round belly

Total weight gain: 10 lbs at last weigh in at the doctor, but my next appointment is Wednesday, so we'll see what it's up to now.

Maternity clothes: I can still wear some of my non-maternity tops and they still look pretty good. But otherwise, it's pretty much maternity pants, tights, dresses, pantyhose, skirts, and tops. Although, most of my dresses are not maternity dresses and they work pretty well!

Stretch marks: Only on my chest, as it has have definitely grown already. But none on the tummy yet. I'm using TONS of Palmer's Cocoa Butter.

Sleep: I sleep like a baby most of the time, until I have to pee. I love my body pillow. I have been sleeping very well other than the potty trips. Thankfully, with the body pillow, I don't find myself lying on my back at all.
Best moment last week: Feeling the the baby dance around to live brass music. It was at J.'s funeral. J. was a music teacher, tuba player, lover of brass. My Hubby is also a music teacher, a trumpet player, and a lover of brass. So he participated in the service in honor and celebration of J. Baby Girl was dancing around and kicking away to the brass music.

Movement: Lots of dancing around and little kicks. So amazing! Still can't feel it from the outside, but that's okay. I'm sure that's coming soon.

Food cravings: Oddly, none really. My sweet tooth had briefly returned, but now it's gone again. I don't really have any cravings. Weird, huh? Although, Hubby makes me jealous when he's drinking his Pepsi, since I've pretty much sworn off most caffeine. So I bought myself some no Caffeine Pepsi. YAY!

Belly Button in or out: In, of course!

What I miss: My Victoria's Secret bras actually fitting. Yep. Today, I had to buy a maternity bra. Let's just say that it's not little. I had to get a waist size bigger than I wanted because they didn't have a 36. So I got a 38.....G, that's right, G!!! Yikes!

What I am looking forward to: Being able to feel the kicks from the outside.
Milestones: Finding out that baby is a girl last Thursday (the 18th).
How is daddy? He is wonderful. Since we're almost sure we're calling her Isabella with the nickname of Izzy, he's calling her Izzy Gillespie after Dizzy Gillespie. It's so cute.

How are the grandparents? They are excited as can be. My mom has already started buying lots of little girl clothes.


  1. That is adorable that you feel her dancing! I would love to feature your pregnancy through infertility success story on my blog. Come check out the new story today for the questions and format! You can e-mail me at sfinfertility@optimum.net. Thanks!! (Stress Free Infertility #25 from ICLW)

  2. Congrats on finding out its a girl!!! That's amazing. I love the name Isabella!