Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What a Difference Three Years Makes!

Three years ago this month, Hubby and I decided we were ready to start a family. So we prayed long and hard about what God would have us do. When you give your life to serve the Lord, you never want to do something that you feel He would not have you do. So we prayed about it and waited on an answer before doing anything else. Hubby and I both felt strongly that God had answered our prayer by telling us it was time to start a family, so I went off my birth control pill, praying that my irregular cycles would be a thing of the past. We had no idea what the road ahead of us would offer, we just knew that God had promised us a child when we had prayed about starting a family.

Three years later, after a long battle with infertility and nine months of carrying around our precious cargo, our promised child has been here for three weeks. We are so blessed to have Isabella in our lives. She has brought so much change for us in so many good ways. Life is no longer about ourselves, it is about our daughter. It's still so strange to say those words, "our daughter." I waited so long to be able to say those words and yet, they still seem foreign. 

For those of you reading my blog who are in the midst of a difficult battle with infertility, take my word for it, the battle is worth it. I wouldn't trade my journey for an easier time. I think it helped me to appreciate even more the life that is in my arms. It made me appreciate the blessing of God's promise more than if it had just been an easy road for me. My journey took three years from beginning to new life. Sure, it's not as long as the journey is for some women, but it certainly wasn't a short journey. If you're still on the journey, hang in there. Keep your head held high. Be patient. wait on the Lord. Be encouraged. 


  1. Thank you for those encouraging words. It was just what I needed to hear! Congratulations!